Nakamura Co.Ltd. designs (and develops) interior goods and livingware, and provides them as a wholesale company.

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Our Business


MUSTBUY, a platform that connects domestic and international manufactures with ecommerce stores


MUSTBUY is a wholesale inventory platform that provides safe, secure transactions between manufacturers that want to promote their products in the digital marketplace with ecommerce stores that want to sell a variety of products to consumers.
MUSTBUY generates product pages that convey the unique characteristics and brand image of the manufacturer’s products, promoting it to over 1,500 ecommerce stores.
Manufacturers can engage in promoting their products through the digital marketplace without the hassle of managing credit limits or payment collections.
By utilizing the platform, ecommerce shops can focus their efforts on marketing and selling products. MUSTBUY provides merchandise, sales and promotional materials, and sales and marketing know how to act as an agent for functions that are vital to managing an ecommerce store, up to the point of inventory management and shipping.

Consumer feedback operation for new product development and service optimization

Our direct digital sales operation focuses on original, high quality products sold through a total of five ecommerce stores in digital marketplaces such as Rakuten Global Market, Yahoo! Shopping, and Amazon. However, this operation not only serves as a retail function, but also acts as a platform to engage in consumers’ feedback and requests, which are utilized in new product development and MUSTBUY system development.

Planning and development of original, one and only products

Planning and development of original, one?and?only products

In our product planning and development operation, original products and joint development products created in conjunction with specialty manufacturers are provided on our wholesale inventory platform, MUSTBUY, as well as our directly managed stores.
A fundamental part of product planning entails taking in to consideration the lifestyle of the end consumer, then creating products and services that contribute a high level of added value.
To create a quality service or product, we engage in direct communication with the creator (manufacturer) or customer, to implement various types of planning and development that best fit the lifestyle of the consumer.

We provide products as an OEM to famous department stores and major mail order businesses.

Our wholesale mail order operation engages in joint development products (OEM development) made in conjunction with specialty manufacturers that are provided to famous department stores and major mail order businesses.

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