Nakamura Co.Ltd. designs (and develops) interior goods and livingware, and provides them as a wholesale company.

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Nakamura Co.Ltd. is
an innovator combining excellent craftsmanship with products, delivering new value to the marketplace.


Through our main business operation, MUSTBUY, we utilize the continual growth of ecommerce as an axis to provide new products and services which exceed the expectation of domestic and international customers in the digital marketplace, with the overall vision to make a positive contribution to society. While respecting the position of stakeholders, we strive to build a company where employees can achieve societal self fulfilment through their work. At Nakamura Co.Ltd., we aim to continually improve towards our goal of becoming a global company that can partner with businesses from any region of the world, and hope your expectation of us is as lofty as our goals.

Our Business

At Nakamura Co.Ltd., to deliver valuable products to our customers,
we position ourselves in between manufacturers and ecommerce stores (membership retail stores), to respond to the continually diversifying needs of the consumer.